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to learn 2 surf

Learn 2 surf in Biscarrose

Coaching location:
Biscarrose Plage
Coaching since:
Minimum age:
Max group ratio:
8 surfers / coach
We provide:
surfboards, wetsuits, instructors
Bring with you:
waterproof sunscreen, towel, bathing suit
(wear under wetsuit)
Days open:
Open daily
Hours open:
8:00am - 6:00pm
Days closed:
25, 26 Dec & 1 Jan

Surfing Lessons are weather dependent. We do not coach in unsafe conditions.

Check out this video of Oxbox team riders Antoine Delpero and Clovis Donizetti surfing the waves at Biscarosse-Plage.

Biscarrosse-Plage is a small laid back beach town that is only a 90min drive from Bordeaux, so the beaches can get busy during summer holidays and over weekends. But we have miles of sandy beaches that are great for surfing, so we can coach you away from the crowds, in a far less stressful environment.

During the summer peak season there is plenty to do in Biscarosse-Plage. The main square is packed every night with music, markets and food. Off season it’s a peaceful seaside haven, a perfect escape from the city.

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